On October 23, 2012 morning, CCS Marine Division Beijing Branch Leader Mr.Qi Zhu, Chongqing Branch General Manager Mr. Jian Tang, Nanjing Branch vice president Mr. Rong Qiang Zhang visit our company together to offer guidance.
On February 26 2013, two 12-storey staff dormitory building were completed and bring into use. Bathroom, air conditioning, hot water systems, networks and TV interface fixed in every room.
On April 25 2013,the ceremony of Fenghai 36#19900 DWT Chemical & Oil Product Tanker 's keel- laying has achieved a great success.
On May 4th 2013,expert agree with the safety of our company slipway,dock and wharf berthing.
On May 7th 2013, 100,000 –ton dock berth 12,600 tons of"vision" vessel safety for the first time.
At 13:18 pm on May 13,2013,our company produced the first ship-“fenghai 35#”Chemical & Oil Product Tanker launched successfully.